Welcome to the River of Life!


Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  2 Cor 3:17

We don’t want anyone to come to RIVER out of ‘religious duty’, rather we have a vision to be:

  • a church that’s enjoyed, not endured.
  • a church whose goal is building up of individuals, not of numbers
  • a church established in Jesus Finished Work
  • a church not governed by traditions and doctrines of men but from relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.
  • a church built on strong relationships where everyone is valued.
  • a church like a bright light manifesting the life of Jesus by ministering His Kingdom to  the lost, hurt & broken & seeing them healed, transformed and made whole.
  • a church flowing like a river full of the life, presence & power of the Holy Spirit.
  • a church of believers who don’t just have knowledge on the Word of God but have a living relationship with the author of the Word.
  • a church where everyone is encouraged to operate in the spiritual gifts to encourage one another in life and to be equipped and empowered for ministry.
  • a church that is run by a team of anointed men, women & children & not by individuals.

All Welcome!

Whether you would like to come and be a part of our church family or visit us when you are able – KNOW that you are always welcome!

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Redefining Prayer through Jesus finished work


CLICK HERE to download this NEW Prayer Series!

Redefining Prayer through Jesus finished work!

When I discovered what Jesus perfected and completed for us on the Cross, I then began to question everything I’d been taught on prayer. This series has been a 5 year journey in the making of redefining what prayer is through the lens of the New Covenant and Jesus finished work. If you are ready to unlearn all the traditions and doctrines of men and would like to know how to see God’s power released in your life then this series is for you!

Listed below are the titles and description of every Audio message in this series. Each message is also available as individual downloads. This Prayer Series is also available on USB.

Lesson 1 – Redefining the Lord’s Prayer

Discover the simplicity of what Jesus taught on prayer and how he has fulfilled “The Lord’s Prayer” for us!

Download Now

Lesson 2 – Redefining God’s Sovereignty and Prayer!

Many believe that when you pray God has 1 of 3 answers 1) Yes, 2) No or 3) Wait. But is this consistent with what Scripture says about God’s Nature and Jesus finished work? In this message you will discover what God’s Sovereignty is and the power He’s given us and how that relates to our prayer life.

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Lesson 3 – Redefining The Prayer of Faith! 

Does Prayer really move God if Jesus has already finished His work? Discover what the prayer of faith is and how that can outwork in our life.

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Lesson 4 – Prayer and Jesus finished work

Discovering what Jesus has already freely provided for you will transform your prayer life! You will then know you no longer need to beg, pray, fast or ask God for the very things He’s already given to you but rather partake in your inheritance!

Download Now

Lesson 5 – What does Pray without Ceasing mean?

If Jesus has already answered every prayer through the finished work of the Cross then why do we need to pray without ceasing? Also what about all the Scriptures that seem to contradict this teaching? In this message we reveal the context and simple meanings behind some of these misunderstood Scriptures on prayer.

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Lesson 6 –  Begging God? (Persistent Prayer)

Do we need to keep persisting in prayer and begging God before we see answers? Shaun reveals the point Jesus was making when he shared His Parables on the Persistent Widow and the Persistent Friend.

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Lesson 7 – You have not because you asked not?

Discover the context, meaning and New Covenant definition on what James shared on prayer in…

  • James 5:15 the prayer of faith will make the sick person well
  • James 5:16a confess your sins to one another so that you can be healed
  • James 5:16b the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.
  • James 4 you have not because you’ve asked not

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Lesson 8 – In Jesus Name, Amen!

Most of us conclude our prayers with “In Jesus name, Amen!”. In this message you discover how this is not a magical method or formula to sealing our prayers but reveal the authority we have as a believers!

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Lesson 9 – How to Pray for yourself and Others

Discover how to pray for yourself and for others in light of what we have revealed on New Covenant prayer and the finished work of Jesus.

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Lesson 10 – Redefining Unanswered Prayer

We’ve saved the best til last. We define unanswered prayer and share how you can see God’s power released in your life!

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Transforming Your Prayer Life – CLICK HERE to download this NEW Series!

Also available on USB CLICK HERE to order!


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